Business Litigation

GDCR is designed to efficiently service the litigation needs that arise throughout the lives of closely-held companies and their owners. We recognize that the litigation needs, budgets and concerns of closely-held and family-owned businesses are different from those of publicly traded companies. Owners of closely-held companies need outside counsel with substantive experience advising similar companies, and they expect practical and relevant solutions when disputes impact their people, wealth, capital and reputation.

Our attorneys and staff members share a common passion and history of working with closely-held and family-owned businesses to resolve disputes including breach of contract suits, breach of fiduciary duty claims, shareholder disputes, and corporate governance litigation. Our experience allows us to assess all aspects of a case in order to focus our efforts on finding comprehensive solutions and strategies to resolve cases prior to trial.

Our goal is to serve as a trusted and valued resource through the entire litigation process. Because we know no two clients (and no two cases) are alike, we take time to understand our clients’ businesses and their opportunities, challenges, desires, and risk tolerance before recommending a strategy and determining the best attorneys and advisors (within or outside our law firm) to resolve the specific legal or business issues. In our experience, exceptional value is not an accident or the result of luck, it is the product of putting the most experienced and capable advisor in charge of the team and executing on a strategic plan that is designed to address the legal issue within budget.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our track record and answer any questions you may have. In addition, we have multiple clients that would be happy to share the value we bring to their companies.