GDCR attorneys have the experience and knowledge to assist with all aspects of contract negotiation and drafting. We can assist with government contracts, real estate purchase and sale agreements, other types of purchase and sale agreements, leases, and virtually all other business agreements.

Our depth of knowledge and client-centered focus combines to produce a clear, concise agreement, and our experience will help avoid the common pitfalls encountered in contractual relationships. We are available to help with all phases of the contracting process.

We listen. Before drafting or reviewing any potential contract, we sit down with the client to determine the client’s objectives and how to best achieve those objectives. We identify legal hurdles and how to manage them. We look for potential downsides to the entering into of a contractual relationship versus some other course, and how to overcome them.

We strive for the best deal for our client. We are ever ready to take the lead in the negotiation process and aggressively pursue terms that will best suit our client. Negotiation is, by nature, a give-and-take process, and we endeavor to use our knowledge and experience to gain the “upper hand.” Our goal is to strike a bargain that is both advantageous to our client and one that also accounts for future, potentially costly events that may occur over the course of the contract with minimal risk.

We bring drafting expertise. After negotiating the best possible terms for our client, we put those terms into a clear, concise agreement. We look into the future to make sure that contractual terms protect our clients from future, foreseeable risks.

We assist with post-execution events. Sometimes, the signing of the contract is just the beginning of the need for legal guidance. Especially, in buy-sell agreements, there will be a due diligence period in which a buyer further investigates a purchase. We provide the necessary guidance whether our client is the buyer or seller. We advise regarding environmental issues and any other governmental compliance issues. We make sure that deadlines are met, and make sure that any required notices are sent.

We provide closing services. When a contract involves a real estate transaction, we can prepare the necessary documents to formalize the transaction. We make sure that necessary governmental filings and recordings take place.