Data Security

In a highly interconnected world, cyber networks can help make our world smaller and smaller. Companies use these networks to gain greater efficiency and mobility in a growing global economy. However, the data needed in order to effectively navigate the global marketplace is often the target of cyberattacks by those looking to gain access to this valuable information. In addition, the fields of security and privacy law are still in their infancy, as laws and regulations are in a constant state of flux. Data security laws concern the implementation of various securities actions sufficient to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of personal data.

Our team of litigators work to both advice clients on the policy questions as well as craft solutions based on specific industry requirements. Seemingly every week, news breaks of another major data breach targeting sophisticated corporations. These companies not only have to deal with the public relations nightmare that comes from the revelation of the breach but most importantly, the potential civil liability from customers and regulatory agencies. Our attorneys have experience defending clients in enforcement actions by regulatory agencies, litigating privacy issues and defend clients in class-action lawsuits. GDCR’s data securities litigators also use their experience to help clients ensure that their data security plan is in compliance with federal law, international law, and state agency regulations.

Our team is highly cognizant of the special challenges imposed by highly specialized fields such as healthcare services, financial services, and technology. Our lawyers develop document retention policies, information security plans, privacy policies and other in-house materials to both guide company policies while also providing a strong shield to protect companies in the event of any security incident.