Dissolution & Liquidation

GDCR regularly assists clients with liquidating and dissolving business entities.

Whether the circumstances surrounding the dissolution of the business are the sale of the business’ assets, the agreement or disagreement of its owners, bankruptcy, insolvency, or a liability claim in excess of the value of the business, GDCR’s experienced professionals have the skill and knowledge to assist our clients with navigating the difficult and sometimes complex process of shutting a business down, liquidating its assets and dissolving its formal existence.

Selecting the right counsel to assist the business owner with evaluating the business and the claims outstanding against the business is critical to understanding the owners’ dissolution options. When appropriate, GDCR can assist its clients with avoiding liquidation and dissolution. If dissolution is necessary, however, GDCR attorneys help our clients plan and structure the orderly liquidation and dissolution of the business so as to properly dispose of all claims and liabilities which may exist against the business. And because liquidating and dissolving an entity can bring personal liability upon the officers, directors and even the owners of the business if not completed properly, GDCR works to protect the interests of the owners at the time of dissolution.

When a business has multiple owners, liquidating and dissolving the entity can be even more challenging. GDCR attorneys understand the intimate dynamic that exists between business partners, and we help our clients understand the requirements of entity documents which govern the liquidation and dissolution process. Perhaps most importantly, we help our clients arrive at an outcome that is fair and equitable to all parties. GDCR’s beliefs in fundamental fairness among the owners of businesses will help ensure that a business is properly shut down from both a legal perspective and from a personal and professional perspective. GDCR works closely with our clients’ accountants and tax advisers throughout the dissolution process, always keeping our clients’ best interests in mind.