Licensing & Regulatory Compliance

The experience of GDCR attorneys in representing government clients, both as in-house and retained counsel, make us uniquely qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable with regard to federal, state, and local rules and regulations to advise clients as to licensing and ongoing regulatory compliance issues.

Any transaction involving a governmental entity can be intimidating for all clients, regardless of the size. Often, a client project will require governmental agency approval or be subject to governmental regulation, usually in multiple ways. We sit down with the client to identify the need for permits and approvals and what agency or agencies will be involved. Even when a client does not have a particular project to undertake, it is inevitable that ever-changing laws and regulations will impact them at some point.

We use our research skills and experience to make often complex laws and regulations understandable for the client. We assist with all phases of dealing with a regulatory agency, first ensuring that the client is dealing with the appropriate agency or agencies, then making the appropriate contact with that agency or agencies, and performing the necessary tasks to receive the appropriate permits or other approvals, or to ensure that our client achieves the necessary compliance.

Sometimes, dealing with governmental agencies will require representation in a more formal setting, such as an administrative hearing. Our attorneys have the necessary experience and knowledge to provide effective representation in such hearings.